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1. Heading: “learn other terms of texas Holdem poker”

There are various terms that are applied to explain the kind of game. In texas Holdem poker game, the betting format is named as with 2 terms limit and no limit bet. Besides this there are other terms also to explain texas poker game online and these are mentioned below:

Eights/better: if poker player has succeeded low hand cards, then he/she can win ½ of the betting pot. In order to make best five high hole cards, the low poker hand cards are also considered. To succeed, poker player should have eight high hand cards.

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Kill: when a poker player will continuously win 2 hands than the 3rd hand is known as “killed”. When that happens the bet is raised double until another player will win a bet pot.
High: this is the standard term in which only high hand player will win a pot.

Half kill: it same as that kill is but in this bets are increased by fifty percent like $20/$40.
Rebuy: if a poker player will loss his/her chip, he/she has to buy it again.

This is particularly allowed only for some time at the starting of poker tournament.
Feeezeout: in this a poker winner will get all. There is no award for 2nd position winner.
Turbo: in this the time length of game is shorter but more faster and aggressive type.